Kristen Bedner

Efficiency Expert
Interior Redesign Specialist
Home Staging Specialist
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What We Do

Sorted and Staged Home Enhancement Services specializes in the enhancement of residential properties for efficient living or faster selling. Clients include those who are looking to create, enhance or transform their living environments into spaces that are comfortable, functional and attractive.

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Sorted to Live

Acquiring new belongings is always exciting but after several years, it can be difficult to find the proper place for it all. The possessions in your home usually far exceed what is actually utilized and that just slows things down in this fast paced life!

Interior Redesign

Interior Redesign is a fresh alternative to conventional and expensive Interior Design. It allows for the appearance and function of a living space to be improved using only the possessions you already own!

Staged to Sell

Selling a home today requires a lot more effort than in recent years. Now that the real estate market has cooled, it is important for homeowners to understand what they can do to best position their home in a competitive market.


You place a lock box on your listings, host numerous open houses, and so much more. What else can be done besides suggesting a dreaded price reduction? Partner with us!